Loveless Marriage – How I Dealt With It


Darren & StephanieHi, this is Stephanie.

If you’re living with a loveless marriage, then I’m glad you found my blog. I strongly urge you to read on as this is my story of how I discovered the correct, effective ways to save a loveless marriage — the ups, the downs, what ways don’t work, and ultimately the one thing that truly helped me save my marriage.

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First, a little bit about myself.  Darren and I had been married for no more than a few years when our problems started. They started out as just little fights. But eventually, they became full-blown battles. We fought everyday and soon stopped talking altogether. At one stage, I was sure he was seeing someone else. I knew we had to do something, or else we would end up in divorce. So I told Darren we had to do something.

Guess what? He actually said he didn’t want to try to save our marriage because he felt he didn’t love me anymore. I knew for sure that I had to figure out how to deal with our loveless marriage or we were doomed.

Actually that’s when the trouble started. I was trying to figure out the ways to turnaround my loveless marriage but I’m no expert. I did what I thought was right –

  • I listed everything I thought was wrong, then went through the list like a to-do list.  I figured doing something, anything would help. They didn’t.
  • I got Darren to go for counseling with me. That really bombed.
  • I was so desperate I suggested a trial separation, thinking we would miss each other. It made things worse. NOTHING was working.

I didn’t know where else to turn so I looked on the Internet for advice on how to deal with a loveless marriage. Well, I found a lot of crap. But thank the Lord I also found the book that saved our loveless marriage.

“Save My Marriage Today” showed me why everything I was doing was wrong and how they were making things worse.

I learned why rushing through a to-do list is a big no-no because our individual personal feelings are involved. I found out how a trial separation lets both sides adjust to single life again (not good!) and why counseling may not always work.

Instead, the book showed me time-proven ways to turnaround a loveless marriage the right way. Including getting your spouse to fall in love with you again. And, how to ensure that disagreements don’t end up as fights, and how to deal with them so that you both come out happy with the outcome.

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I must warn you though — the book is a long read, over 150 pages long. But it’s worth it, with many, many solid and practical bits of advice about dealing with and overcoming a loveless marriage.

I’m almost certain that Darren and I would not be together now if I hadn’t come across the advice in this book about dealing with my loveless marriage. I hope you found this useful and I truly hope that everything works out in your marriage.

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February 28, 2010

Betty @ 9:33 am #

I have been married for 19 years and my husband has also said he isn’t in love with me. There is not another woman just to many lies and heartbreak that has gotten in the way. We also have come to a point were we have stopped talking. I love my husband very much & he is my best friend & I also want to save my marriage and find away to have him fall in love with me again. I just don’t know how or even if he will. Do you think this book could help me find away to jump start if not get his feelings back for me?

March 6, 2010

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